Gravel Routes in Sweden

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#021 The Stockholm Classic

#021 The Stockholm Classic 39km Stockholm
Flaten – Erstavik – Nacka
This might just be the birth place of gravel in Sweden.
Olivier from shares his ride.

#020 Livgardet

#020 Livgardet 59km Stockholm

“Just north of Stockholm lies the military training grounds of Svea Livgarde. A long time ago I went through basic training here and haven’t had any desire to venture back to places like “Tillfället” and the misleadingly named “Paradiset”, until now.”

#019 The Promised Land

#019 The Promised Land 57km Södermansland
If you’re into averaging 30km per hour along smooth car gravel, then maybe much of this tour is not for you. But if you want to take your gravel bike to the edge of what’s ride-able whilst still being gravel-biking territory then maybe, this might be, The Promised Land.

#018 To the Forest. Bikepacking adventure

#018 To the Forest, North Stockholm 145km Bikepacking Adventure.
Adventure travelling is more than just getting to a place, it’s about the journey there. And when we add in the unknown factor of the final destination the excitement builds.