Gravel Routes

Gravel Routes

#029 Dirty Halland

#029 Dirty Halland 160km
There’s Dirty Kanza, Dirty Jutland and now Dirty Halland.

#027 Ekerö

#027 Ekerö Island
Ekerö 96km
Following the loops to find paradise.

This is not the right picture

#014 Tour de Ville Norrköping

#014 Tour de Ville Norrköping 77km
A super event held over October looping around Norrköping.
It’s now yours to test in the off season.

#011 Gustavsberg 8

#011 Gustavsberg 8
75km or 2 shorter tours.

East of Stockholm is not just the open sea. There’s 30 000 islands of the Stockholm archipelago and the excellent gravel roads of Värmdö.

#010 Century CX Gravel Event

160km Småland
“We ride together for those who suffer alone”
A cycle event in beautiful Småland in aid of a worthy charity, Suicide Zero.
As told by Oscar Ekstam

#009 South Tyresta- The hidden trail

28km Stockholm
Its hard to believe there are gravel roads in the Stockholm region with little or no Strava heat lines. But this trail finds them, and they’re great. 

#008 Lund

Lund 52km
An adventurous route out of Lund that has it all. Author Daniel Klang says bring your good shoes for this one.

#007 Nykvarn

80km of amazing gravel starting from Nykvarn as told by Carbonbreaker in a GRVL interview.

#006 Södertälje

40km Stockholm Län
I never would have expected to find such amazing a varied gravel roads only minutes cycle from Södertälje Centrum. An excellent tour with landscape changing nearly every minute of the cycle.

#005 Årsta havsbad

53km Tour South Stockholm
Originally meant to be a link up this tour was too good to leave out.

#004 Tyresta

49km Tour Tyresta, Stockholm
A loop around Stockholm’s National Park

#003 Lida Loop

61km Tour South Stockholm
An adventurous and demanding 5 star tour in South Stockholm. After racing through the forests of Huddinge and Flemmingsberg you pass by Tullinge IP and the real adventure can begin.

#002 Nynäshamn

56.7km Tour Stockholm to Nynäshamn
Linking together gravel roads from Farsta Strand to Nynäshamn. A mixed and varied route

#001 Gnesta Tour

92km Tour Södermansland
Easily accessed Gnesta is a gateway to hundreds of kms of gravel. Just an hour south of Stockholm on a commuter train, there’s no excuse.