#037 Dirty Halland 2022
Same name, new trails

Distance: 162 km
Height: 1832m
Direction: Anti-clockwise
Percentage: 60% Gravel
Style: Mixed Gravel
Route designer: Team Cyklamera
Words by: Farawayistan


Sweden’s gravel calendar starts in March with the Dirty Halland: A 165 kilometer gravel ride, organized by Team Cyklamera.
Robin and Sabina from farawayistan.com rode the 2022 edition.
The route is filled with gravel, natural beauty and punchy climbs: a success formula for a first-class gravel ride.
The Dirty Halland 2021 went through a lot of dense forests.
To keep things interesting, the organizers create a brand-new route each year.
So here’s the twenty-twenty two version.
This year’s ride is fast and scenic, whereas the previous route reminded Farawayistan a bit of Skåne.
Rolling hills, open fields, and agricultural lands.
But way less populated than our Southern province.
The route includes typical Swedish scenery, with needle leaf trees, icy blue lakes and rocky ‘grusväger’.
One of the prettiest sections starts at the 65 kilometer mark.
After crossing a national road, a long gravel section begins.
Team Cyklamera made a Strava segment of this section.
It’s 9 kilometers in length, but don’t start too hard along the lake.
The segment includes two small but tough climbs in Yttra Bergs Naturreservat.
Another lovely section is following the Ätranbaneleden, between Ullared and Fegen.
The trail goes over old railway embankments.
Not exactly an easy rolling bike lane, but this challenging double-track gravel road is the reason why you bring a gravel bike with slightly wider tires.
Back in the start- and finish location of Steninge, it’s time for an ice cream or cold drink at the beach before heading back home.

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