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Bikepacking is when you combine cycling with camping on at least a one-night trip. Unlike cycle touring, the aim is to get to more remote locations, avoiding the main roads as much as possible. A bikepacking setup is usually geared towards a minimalistic approach bringing as little as possible but still having a comfortable time. Gone are panniers and heavy canvas bags and instead you strap your bags directly on your frame in order to lighten your load.


There are different styles of bikepacking ranging from difficult single track riding ridden on a full suspension bike to winter fat biking tours high in the mountains on snowy trails. But for those living in the Stockholm region, the gravel bike variation using the huge network of trails from this book is an ideal starting point. 


Bikepacking is not only for the purests. It’s for everyone regardless of what gear you have or which bike you use to get out and explore. It can be as simple as putting a bag on your back, grabbing a bike and riding away from the city to enjoy the countryside. Apart from the excellent gravel roads you have to choose from, the Stockholm region as well as many other parts of Sweden, has an extensive wild-camping infrastructure which can be used to enhance your outdoor experience.

#041 Sörmland Revisited

Distance: 125 km Height: 1 363 m Direction: Anti-Clockwise Percentage: 85% gravel Style: Gravel Riding…

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#040 Katrineholm

#040 Katrineholm Bikepacking 98km The perfect introduction to adventure bikepacking
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#035 The Dalarna Ramble

#035 The Dalarna Ramble 149km Finding the links to find the adventure.
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#034 The Sörmland Project

#034 The Sörmland Project 570km Sörmland
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#033 Swede Divide, The Loop

#033 Swede Divide, The Loop 795km
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#032 North Gotland Bikepacking Route

#032 North Gotland Family Bikepacking 267km Gotland
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#031 European Divide Trail Sweden

#031 European Divide Trail The Swedish Parts 2350km
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#030 The South Side Tour

#030 The South Side Tour 125km Stockholm Gravel Bikepacking
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#018 To the Forest. Bikepacking

#018 To the Forest, 145km Bikepacking Adventure travelling is more than just getting to a place.
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#028 300 Sörmland Bikepacking

#028 The 300 Gravel Tour Sörmland 300km The gravel version of the classic Sörmlands bikepacking adventure
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#026 Skåne 344 Bikepacking Route

#026 Skåne 344 Skåne County 344km Gravel Bikepacking Tour
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