Coastal Heaven, Öland
Distance: 91km
Height: 268m
Direction: An out and back
Percentage: 90% Gravel 10% Road
Style: Gravel roads and single track
Route designer: Carl-Johan Ekelund



I have to admit, I’ve never been to Öland.
It’s one of the only parts of Sweden I’ve yet to visit so when CJ’s email arrived into I got interested immediately.
An out and back from the harbour of Sandvik this trails looks like it might just be the reason I’ve needed to make the journey.

Needing to find out about Öland so I asked CJ to tell me more.
Although Carl-Johan’s family is originally from Öland  he grew up in Stockholm but took the opportunity to move back to Öland ten years ago. Riding with his local club of Borgholm CX all parts of the island have been tried and explored. So knowing the island immediately he used his local knowledge to designed this route taking in the best of Öland. I asked CJ what type of tyres you’d need to complete the ride and he suggested 40mm would suit. As for the Fika stop it should be at the northern end of the island in Byxelkrok, or if you can wait then back in Sandvik at ”Gelato and Biscuits”. I ask Carl-Johan also about riding in summer and if the roads were busy or not. Surprisingly not, and he had this to add. “Ride it in the summer and stop for the best beaches, or ride it in the winter and you’ll probably meet no one.”

Starting at the harbour the trail quickly gets to some of the most scenic parts of Öland along the coastline. I’m told its so pretty its worth doing this section twice! Hence the out and back. One is greeted with great views, solitude, open plains, woods, and splendid gravel roads. It has it all, except for maybe the hills!



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  1. Hej
    Horns kustväg har fått en ny beläggning, typ oljegrus vilket gett en hård yta, jämförbar med asfalt. Skön att cykla på, dammfritt men inte grus längre…

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