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#026 Skåne 344 Bikepacking Route

Skåne 344
Gravel Bikepacking Adventure

Distance: 344km
Height: 2 212m
Direction: Clockwise
Percentage: 70% gravel 30% road
Style: Gravel-bike bikepacking
Route designer: Team RMI

A classic gravel-bike bikepacking route looping around Skåne and briefly taking you into Blekinge County.

Peter and Martin are two life long friends who began riding together in 1995. Not only have they mtb raced all over Europe Team RMI have also been involved in developing the MTB scene in the south of Sweden. Their trails in Genarp, Skåne still attract over 25 000 riders per year. Their team name comes from having to create on in order to participate in a gruling 300km off road race in Finnmark. The name Rätt Mental Inställning ( Right Mental Thinking ) or RMI seemed to be a perfect fit and the pair have stuck with it since.

Must know:

Although the route is not technical you should be prepared for long days if you wish to complete the tour in 3 days.
There is one hike-a-bike section but it’s only 500m long.
Accommodation is easy to find along the route but Team RMI used the free shelters along the Skåneleden hiking trail. (marked on the map )
These three sided huts are free and open to the public.
Topping up on your food is also easy with the route passing through many villages.
If riding this route in the summer make sure to bring your insect repellant.

There is a hike-a-bike section at the 233km mark. It’s only 500 meters long and marked on the map.

Peter and Martin began in Höör at the train station and rode the route over 3 days.
It is an upgrade on a previous 334km version.

The north section of the route around Raslången is of great historical interest as it was the scene of battles between Sweden and their Danish invaders. Read about  “snapphane” about the Danish Freedom Fighters. The gravel roads in this area are particularly beautiful and is one of the more hill parts of the route.

The Team RMI have been riding together 10 years this coming summer and to celebrate they are going to ride a coast to coast loop.
This will be over 850km and I’m sure equally as good as their 344km version. So I guess this route can be used to warm up for Team RMI’s new 2021 route coming this summer.




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  1. I have done this loop 3 times. Both clockwise and counter, with a group and alone. Its a great rute. Thanks for sharing!

  2. its says in the description thats its 70% gravel, but the map says its clearly most paved roads… anyone who can comment this?

    1. Hej Emil,

      I personally haven’t rode the route but the developers are very experienced so if they say it’s 70% then we can assume it is.
      Often the mapping programmes get it wrong with regards to surface type. I can only imagine that most of the gravel on this route is car grade hence the error.

      If you ride the route can you share your opinion?



  3. Hi!
    My boyfriend and i would like to ride this route in summer. Is there a GPX file available?

    thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,

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