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The Last Light 2nd Event

The Last Light  2nd Event 
With Generous sponsorship from HIGH&OVER

The winter is nearly upon us. But there is still time for one last tour before the snow arrives.

Based on the Hidden Trail in South Tyresta this will be a 43km tour starting at Jordbro Pendeltåg Station.

10am on Sunday 8th December.

Those who were on the Secret Tour will know the style of riding.
Adventurous with a bit of everything mixed in. This tour will be no different but definitely feel more remote.

The pace will be 18 to 20km per hour. The gravel is kind for most of the way.
If the ice arrives then studded tyres are required.
If there’s heavy snow we switch to MTB bikes.

Please down load the file and bring your GPX device.
If you don’t own a GPS device please use an app such as GPX Viewer.
We don’t want anyone to get lost ( again! )

On route there’s a competition with prizes.
Who will be fastest up the hill? Or actually, can anyone make it up the hill?
If a tractor can drive up it then surely we can bike it!
Prizes generously sponsored by High&Over Stockholm

This is a free event.
We will leave nobody behind but groups are welcome to set their own pace.

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  1. Hi, me and my mates lack some confidence in Gravel riding, we are roadies with commuter CX bikes. We did the ride today just to see how it was. One was on studded tyres, one with Cyclo Cross tyres and I rode with gravel tyres. All worked today, there is a section just before the big uphill (nobody managed to get up the first section) that is totally covered in water, prepare to get wet, there is no escape. We had a great day out, next time we are confident that we can keep up. Have fun tomorrow.

    1. Hej Stefan,

      Thank you for the feed back and I’m glad you had a great day.
      I suspected the meadow would be waterlogged but I guest it’ll just adds to the fun. Was it easy enough to follow the track through it?
      The way around it to double back to the previous crossroads but that would be chickening out!
      Great you are confident for the next ride. We would love to have you along.

      1. Yes, very easy! We were all kids again riding threw the water! Be careful just after the top of the wall of death, lots of sharp stones, I had a flat there.

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