South Tyresta – The hidden trail
Distance: 28km
Height: 210m
Direction: Clockwise
Percentage: 82% gravel  18% road
Style: Easy gravel roads.

Its hard to believe there are gravel roads in the Stockholm region with little or no Strava heat lines. But this trail finds them, and they’re great.

On a recent bikepacking trip a group of us riders found ourselves riding down a gravel road which had a sign forbidding cycles from using it. Well, they want you to have a permit to pass through the land. Its the Sandemar Game Reserve and I guess they don’t want their deer and mufflon disturbed. We can argue if the sign legally means anything or not but one thing is for sure, there is a conflict here between cyclists and the land owner. ( Allemansrätten is a complicated law and does not give us absolute rights to do what ever we please in the countryside. ). I, Michael, as the route designer was disappointed and so decided to get back on the maps and examine options. Researching on the internet at blank sections of forest I zoomed in and the trails and gravel roads began to appear where previously never saw. Cross checking across different platforms it became clear, the trail is on!

The result is a 28km gravel tour south of Tyresta Nation Park. 5km of asphalt and the rest is gravel. This trail is worthy of a stand alone half day cycle or to be included in a longer loop linking Tyresta to Årsta havsbad. The trail starts at the Gålö Grill on Dalarövägen but those who want can begin in Jordbro from the Pedaltåg Station and ride the 7km over to it.

NOTE: The GPX file has been updated on the 26th October from the original post. There is now more road at the beginning of the trail to avoid the southern boundary of Sandemar Game reserve and the 2 massive fence ladders you would have needed to climb.


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