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#027 Ekerö

Following the loops to find paradise.

Distance: 95,9km
Height: 924m
Direction: Any
Percentage: 81% gravel
Style: Adventurous Riding
Route designer: Emile Wilmar

Exploring every part of this island this route has you looping around and around
before finally finding the perfect swimming spot.
A must do on a hot summer’s day. 

The Stockholm archipelago doesn’t just stretch east from the city to open sea, it also goes west into Mälaren lake.
On this lake stands the fantastic island of Ekerö with it’s tangled web of interlocking gravel and forest roads. Emile, a local Stockholm rider, has been exploring and drawn up a best of Ekerö gravel ride. For those wishing to explore the island there are two ways to get there. Either by the bridge via Bromma and passing by the Royal Palace on Lovön or but the more interesting way is via the landbridge car ferry connecting to Ekerö from Slagsta. By taking the boat you arrive at the beginning of the route.

This route explores nearly every inch of Ekerö and Emile suggested you could add on Helgö island too, if your legs can manage it! Looping around and around the trail gradually takes you to the more remote feeling northern part of the island. One would think the highlight of the tour is to visit and go for a swim in the famous Blue Lagoon. This abandoned quarry is a popular swimming place on a hot summers day and can get crowded. But the real gem is the small lagoon in the very north of the island.  Laxsjön lagoon as much less unknown and offers a better chance to find peace and tranquility.


Although about 75% of the route is very easy going and 35mm tyres would work there are parts of this trail which can be a little more adventurous so Emile recommends wider then 40mm tyres. A monstercross might not be a bad idea to really enjoy this trail.
Of course this route can be shorten by by skipping some of the loops. I reckon the rue can be as short as 30 to 60km but still riding on gravel.



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  1. Nice! Live in Ekerö and have done many rides on these gravel roads. Munsö is really good. About +10km of smooth gravel going almost straight north all the way to Laxsjön. Take it easy and turn on your lights when on the main tarmac road. People tend to drive way over the speed limit here unfortunately

  2. Kört denna runda, ungefär, idag. Nytt för mig på ett par ställen. Men jag tycker att det finns bättre sträckning på några ställen. Det har med begreppet grusväg att göra. Om man väljer enkel stig så kan man få en bättre runda. Sen har några markägare, i numera känd stil, markerat att man inte vill att vi ska passera deras marker. Synd. Annars fin runda som jag, ungefärligen, utforskat själv och kört flera gånger tidigare.

    1. Hej Gert,
      If you have any alternative route suggestions please email them on us so we can take a look.
      Thanks for your input.


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