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#022 CK Aspen

The CX Aspen Loop 

Distance: 66km
Height: 875m
Direction: Anti-Clockwise
Percentage:90% gravel  10% road
Style: Gravel roads with some short single track sections
Route designer: CX Aspen
Story told by: Mats Cambert

Just outside of Gothenburg, straddling the E20 there’s a forest.
A deep and remote forest.
CX Aspen use it as their training grounds.
I want to go ride there.

Mats Cambert contacted us to share this route with us. When checking out the line I was surprised at how long the gravel sections where and how remote they looked. Tight gravel roads that seem to go on for ever. This route should be on every gravel-bikers tick list. Without actually being to the location the section along Tvärsjönävagen looks to be one of the highlights of this tour.

The route was original developed for a gravel event hosted by CX Aspen in 2019. It sold out straight away so many riders were left disappointing. Hopefully they’ll organise another event in 2021 to show off this excellent looking route.

Mats recently rode the route and answered a few questions for me. The best place for fika is near the end as you pass over the E20 at Nääs Slot. Dating back to the 17th century this castle looks like an amazing stopping point and shouldn’t be missed. But if you can’t hold on that long, ask Mats suggested, I’m sure you won’t be stuck for a beautiful viewing spot to have your packed sandwich!

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  1. Did this route today and it is an absolute joy! Great mix of surfaces and some awesome little sections of proper singletrack.
    Rolling through the lakes and forests is just beautiful and its so strange to be so close to the city! Thanks for a great route – keep up the fab work.

  2. You should!

    If your like me you will get to see the exact same scene as the photo of the same guy working on the big iron boat outside his house!

    Careful the Naas slot cafe is only open a few days in the week, so check before you go if you want Fika there.

    More great routes near Göteborg please!
    Thanks again

  3. Nice! I moved from Holland recently and now live close to this track. A friend is visiting in a week. Do you have any idea if it is possible to rent gravel bikes close to this route?

  4. Did this loop with 4 friends on the 16/7-22. Amazing nature just close outside of Gothenburg. A bit of climbing so some fitness level is required. A short youtube film is in the making.

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