Dirty Halland
There’s Dirty Kanza, Dirty Jutland and now Dirty Halland

Distance: 162km
Height: 1 387m
Direction: Anti-clockwise
Percentage: 77% Gravel 23% Road
Style: Car Gravel
Route designer: Team Cyklamera 
Riders and story by: farawayistan

The States have the Dirty Kanza, the Danes their Dirty Jutland and we in Sweden have the Dirty Halland. 

The Swedish version of this Dirty gravel event took off from Halmstad in 2019 for the first time, as a 148 kilometre gravel race. For 2020 Robin and the other riders at Team Cyklamera had planned another big event, a century this time.

160 kilometres (100 miles) gravel adventure in the rolling Halland landscape. The route was all ready to go, taking riders into the green inland of Halland. 130 km of flowing gravel with only 30 km of asphalt. Sharp and punchy climbs over chunky gravel well distributed over the length of the route. But we all know how 2020 went. So the date got pushed back, and pushed back some more.

Team Cyklamera decided that they just couldn’t sit on the route any longer. Good gravel needs to be ridden. So they changed the Dirty Halland in a completely self-supported event and released the GPX. 

Sabina and Robin from Farawayistan tested the route as soon as they got the chance. Their review? “The route consisted of an extremely well put together combination of hard packed gravel roads, a few punchy climbs and some single trails to keep the mind sharp. We zigzagged through beautiful forest and nature reserves and the kilometres just flew by. We highly recommend it to every gravel fanatic that is looking for a good challenge!”

You can read their entire Ride Report of the Dirty Halland and see more photos from the ride here!


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