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#001 Gnesta Tour

Distance: 92.5km
Height: 718m
Direct: Anti-clockwise
Style: Gravel and farmer lanes


Easily accessed Gnesta is a gateway to hundreds of kms of gravel.
Just an hour south of Stockholm on a commuter train which allows bicycles, there’s no excuse.

This tour is based on local knowledge which shows how to link up gravel and skip sections of asphalt.
After 10km out of Gnesta the gravel begins. 35kms of dream gravel roads brings us up to Ånhammar Gård.
Within this section there’s 100 meters of old farmers road, at about 14km,
which, on a wet day you will definitely be walking, but the rest of the trail is perfect.

From Ånhammar you head back into forest and very close to the beautiful lake of Ösjön.
This is worth the short hike-a-bike detour to stop for a lunch break or a quick swim.
Back on the gravel and a few kms of asphalt has us down to Stjärnhov.
From there you hit the gravel again and the tour brings us to the mid section of Erik’s gatan.
Eriks’s gatan is 20km long marked gravel road which is a super track in its own right.

But, for our trip we follow Erik’s gatan north and up to the beautiful Herr Gård of Jakobsberg.
From here you mostly follow the Gnesta Leden back to the station
but sticking to the road near the end to keep away from the more rough section of that trail.

A great tour and perfect day out.

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  1. Nice! I was looking for a route around Gnesta, perfect! I’m planning to ride it end of February or beginning of March if anyone would like to join me. Cheers! David

    1. Hej David,
      There’s so much to do around Gnesta. This is just an introduction!
      Are you a memeber of any Facebook biking groups?
      Post there to see if you can get someone to join you.
      With the winter being so mild I’m sure there will be plenty of people about.
      Happy riding.

  2. This looks really nice. Are there any good places to stop for lunch and fill up on water?

    1. Hej Alex,

      There is an ICA store in Stjärnhov and you’ll pass by many lakes where you can filter water.



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