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#012 The Secret Tour, Huddinge

The Secret Tour
Distance: 35km
Height: 325m
Direction: Clockwise
Percentage: 75% Gravel 25% Road
Style: Adventurous. Gravel and Single Track

On the 16th November 2019 organised a social ride in South Stockholm. We met on the Saturday morning at the parking at Sundbygård, Huddinge. As it was our first event and an open event we didn’t know how many would turn up. We stated before the style of ride it would be as well as the expected speed and distance.
Twenty riders turned up ready to tackle the route. Route designer Michael, likes to mix it up in the type of riding. None of the guest riders knew what to expect and were surprised to be tested through this tour. Asphalt, car gravel, rougher gravel and single track was all involved and the guys loved it.



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  1. It seems I’ll be making the trip down from Bollnäs for this, things to think of? Whats needed for an event like this?

    1. Hej Jan, Its a friendly outing and not overly difficult. But I suggest to do and bring the following:

      Check the weather forecast for Huddinge before you set out. If there is heavy rain forecast then a rain jacket and maybe rain trousers too.

      The obvious to bring are as follows:
      Warm gloves
      Warm hat for under your helmet
      Wind proof top.
      A drink and maybe a warm drink.
      Tools wise, at least one spare tube even if you run tubeless.
      The usually small tool kit.
      Rear light on your bike and at least a head torch.
      Spare thermal top to change into after the event.

      The tour starts and finishes at Sundbygård Värdshuss so it’s a place for a coffee at the end.
      But it is not a run-down shack and we might raise some eyebrows when X number of muddy cyclist turn up!

      This tour has some sections of single track. These parts are not difficult and can be walked if you are unsure.
      There is parking available and the start of the tour.

      Any more questions?


      1. Thanks for your answer, I do have one more question actually, mudguards? I don’t have any, mainly because I ride by myself, but I’ve read they’re appreciated in a group when the weather starts turning. where do you guys stand on this?

        1. Hej Jan,

          I don’t have mudguards but many do.
          For me I don’t think they are essential but I’m sure many of the riders will have them.
          It’s up to you.


  2. Hi. I rode this route today. Great roads and the singletrack over Pålamalam was lovely (after i lowered the tire pressure). I had the pleasure of meeting two nice persons from Netherlands and Indonesia riding the route and hade a chat. If you guys read this, hope we run into each other again.

  3. Rode it today, great mix of terrain. I was not sure what tires to use, but I went with 38mm Rene Herse Barlow Pass slicks and made it around the course no problem. Today it was very dry, but a tire with more grip would be needed if it is or has been wet. There was on 500m section(near the mine) that was too technical for me so it was hike a bike for that part. Great route! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hej David,

      Glad to hear you had a good time.
      Can you send me a pin drop of the part you found difficult.
      You can pm me.



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