Distance: 61km
Height: 639m
Direction: Anti-clockwise
Style: Adventurous

An adventurous and demanding 5 star tour in South Stockholm starting in Huddinge Centrum.

After racing through the forests of Huddinge and Flemmingsberg you pass by Tullinge IP and the real adventure can begin.
Easy gravel gets gradually more interesting as the kms roll by.

The cafe in Lida brings a welcome break before excellent gravel leads you down to asphalt.
Just 2km later the gravel re-appears and a more remote part of Stockholm begins to be revealed.
Picturesque gravel roads wraps around to bring you back up on to Pålamalmsvägen for the second time of the tour.

Now it gets interesting for those wanting to complete the loop.

After leaving the road, gravel brings you to a sharp turn and a very rid-able part of the Sörmlandsleden.
MTB-ers will have no problem and roadies can let their strong legs take them through.
Towards the end of this part, after passing under the power cables there’s a short stretch which is a little scrappy.
But the wide gravel roads soon re-appear and loop gets back to normal.
Mind you, the single track part is well worth the effort.

Soon, back onto asphalt which brings you to an excellent hidden trail over to Ågesta.
The final gravel sections takes you through the very beautiful Orlången Nature Reserve
which can be treated more like a victory lap before you roll down the hill and back to Huddinge Centrum.


Note from 2021

After ridding many trails around Stockholm and it’s surrounding region over the passed few years,
I still say that the Lida Loop is possibly the best route on GRVL.se



5 Comments on “#003 Lida Loop”

  1. We did this one yesterday, and it was a great ride! We had some issues finding our way the first 10Km, as the Garmin didnt agree with Strava where the path was supposed to be. But once we got to Brantbrink it was no problem from there on.
    If you want to stop for a bite there are two stops both Lida and Rosenhill have enough for a refill.
    Some really nice areas and not too crouded on the last 30Km. Some flooding after Ågesta, but we could ride through it without getting too wet on the feet.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Excellent route! I can’t believe that gravel on this level seems largely undiscovered by the locals. Only saw three other cyclists on the entire route.

    • Hej Kevin,

      Thanks for your review.
      Yes, a lesser traveled part of Stockholm.
      Excellent riding. One of my favouites.



  3. This Lida loop is the perfect route for gravel. I did it in a sunny sunday of august and I barely met a few ciclists and hikers in my way.
    I cant wait to do it again!

    Tip: if you are still hungry of bike after this route you can easily connect with the south part of Ekero route taking Slagsta ferry

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