Distance: 53km
Height: 425m
Style: Good gravel and asphalt to Ösmo. More adventurous single track after.

A varied route to Nynäshamn which is definitely worth the effort. Beginning in Farsta Strand you quickly leave the city and start into the country side. Horse stables and open fields turn into deep forests and forgotten paths. After Ösmo the trail turns more adventurous. Here we recommend at least 40mm tyres and a willingness to go for it. Those with the want will be rewarded as you roll into Nynäshamn.


5 Comments on “#002 Nynäshamn”

  1. I rode this tour today and it was a real nice trip. You have managed to piece together really fun and interesting roads. The few sections of asphalt are short so it’s not possible to use them to rest so the route is quite demanding and one needs to use full speed and momentum much of the time. The singletrack part after Ösmo was fast and easy, i only had to dismount for about 50 metres or such. Good work!

    • Hej Markus, glad you enjoyed the route. I love the section from Tungelsta to Segersäng. Glad the single track is still ride-able.

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